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Our Story

Make your shopping meaningful!

Here in HELS1NK1 we like to hear people´s personal stories. We like to dream and we trust that our future can be a happier and better place.

HELS1NK1 is not just selling beautifully designed products, we promote carefully selected brands that shares same values that we do.

Every minute of our day is meaningful, every day of our life is meaningful. We want make your shopping meaningful. 

HELS1NK1 is a new Luxembourg based online shop for sustainable and ethically made fashion and lifestyle products. We believe, that by buying beautiful things from artists and brands that believe in well-being of nature and people, will give us always more than just a nice item. They give us values to share, respect to other people and our planet. 

Our values:

Respect the people: We believe that by respecting others, you get the respect your deserve. We believe that no one should be forced to work for others by giving up their dignity and self respect. Each person behind the products we promote needs to be paid by respecting international laws and regulations.

Respect the planet: Our planet is shared by billions of people. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet and to make it healthy again. We promote only brands that share this same value and by its operations take care of the nature and environment.

Respect the history and cultural heritage: We believe that our history has a big influence on what we are today. We want to understand the story behind the brand and celebrate their personal history and culture. Our products have always a story to tell, beginning from the time of world war or just a few years ago, but there is always a story that has convinced us.

Respect Artists: We believe in the power of art. We want to promote handmade art pieces to everyday wear and lifestyle. We believe that art can be a part of our life without big price tag. By wearing pieces made by artist, you have always something unique.

Respect innovation: We believe that creating new way of working and new way of produce, we can have big impact of people´s and planet´s well-being. By using conventional materials with new way by re-doing it or recycling it we can reduce our CO2 print effectively.