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A new look at skincare
APOT.CARE provides anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle solutions that effectively bring back the glow of youth to your entire face. Skin looks younger, smoother and more even with a visibly refined texture for a complete rejuvenating effect.

APOT.CARE products are formulated with a combination of active ingredients traditionally used in ophthalmic medecine. Thanks to patented formulation and proven efficiency on skin cells, our products offer optimal skin rejuvenation results. »
Antoine Le Galloudec - Founder of APOT.CARE

"Eyes and skin are the only external organs of the human body. They are therefore subject to premature and accelerated ageing."
"Their cellular regeneration processes and cycles are similar: 22 days for the corneal cells and 28 days for the epidermal cells."
Olivier Roche MD in Ophthalmology - Necker Hospital - Paris