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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send clothes of all types and condition?

    Yes, you can send all kinds of clothes except underwear and socks. Tights are welcome.
  • What happens to the clothes after I have sent them them?

    Depending on the condition of the clothes, they are moved to different channels. The most significant of these is the secondhand sales channel. The clothes that we move here will allow you to have shopping credit. In addition, some of the clothing, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, will go on to new startup a Social Responsible project that is created to support immigrants integration to the Luxembourgish society. The jeans are donated to a local Bright House company that makes Zero Waste accessories. And some clothes will be given as direct donations to those in need.
  • How can I trust that the clothes are not just sent to the landfill?

    One of our main values is openness. You can always ask to know where your clothes are and where they are shipped. As soon as the Beloved sister concept is ready and running, you can also track if your previously loved clothes are listed there.
  • Will I also receive a refund for the shipping costs I have paid?

    Yes. When you send us your clothes, you must include a receipt for the postage paid. You can also email this receipt to
  • How quickly do I get information about the amount of the store credit?

    Your store credit will be available within 7 days of receiving your clothing.