Paperthinks bring colours to your life, and they believe everyone should be able to choose the colours that best represent them, with their aim to fill everyone's lives with happiness and joy.

Their first concept is 'think colour' and with this they believe everyone has the right to pick the colour that influences them the most. Their second concept 'think green' represents their love for the environment and the surroundings we live in, and there lies the reason behind their use of 100% recycled leather in the creation of our entire range.

We have given you the colours, now its time to create your own masterpiece.



Paperthink use recycled leather which is made from the off cuts, trimmings and shavings from the wastage of other leather manufacturing processes like cow leather gloves and jackets in the welding industry from Asia which ultimately not only reduces the wastage going to landfill sites but also saves animals. Their colour treatment doesn't involve those harmful chemicals that pollute the water table and can be harmful to the consumers and the environment. Instead Paperthink use a laminate technique, providing you with high quality recycled leather in an array of beautiful colours.