Rhumaa has a dream to bring art, stories and culture closer together through fashion and to give young artists a platform to showcase their talent. Rhumaa aim to do this while they work towards building a more conscious future together in the fashion industry. Rhumaa hope to achieve this through the process their fashions are made, through the fabrics they select, through the partners they connect with and the collaborations they build.

Rhumaa collaborate with talented artists from Africa and provide them with a platform to share their art through our every new collection. Every single purchase made helps development artistic talent and job creation in South Africa.

Every collection piece represents a timeless, modern silhouette. Their customers lead busy lives, so Rhumaa aim to deliver ‘on-the-go’ sophistication in their clothing that can stand the test of time. Their fashions detail printed art along with non-printed items that have translated the art story through the use of design, colour, high quality and natural fabrics.

Rhumaa is passionate about making a difference and in partnering with others who feel the same. They work hard to deliver responsible business practices and partner with like-minded suppliers. Relationships are of utmost importance to them.

One of their greatest loves is for their South African upliftment program with a percentage of their turnover going into the Rhumaa Foundation. Here, Rhumaa support projects and skills development programs in the under-developed communities of Cape Town that help young artists build creative skills that support them with job opportunities.