CIRRUS NO.2 Steamery - White

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This hand-steamer, Cirrus No.2 – White, is a sustainable and efficient alternative to both ironing and washing. Your clothes will be wrinkle-free, smooth and fresh in no time. The hot steam also removes bad smells, shallow dirt and bacteria.

To Steam:

Steaming is simple, time-saving and a gentler alternative to ironing. Steaming is also more environmentally friendly since you don’t have to wash the clothes that only need to be refreshed. If you steam your clothes instead of washing them, they will last much longer. What we often refer to as “worn-out clothes” are almost always washed-out clothes.

Steamed clothes get:

Wrinkle-free, fresh and presentable clothes 

Less washing – less energy- and water consuming 

Easy to bring on the weekend- and business trips 

Timesaving and suitable for all homes 

Works on all materials except leather and suede. Be gentle on silk.

How Does it Work?

The hot steam from a steamer lifts the textile fibres and make them swell and regain their natural shape. Steaming is similar to airing clothes; unpleasant smells disappear, and some bacteria die. You can stream all kinds of fabrics and materials (except leather and suede), meaning you can actually steam garments that don’t normally allow ironing.