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When your winter coat feels like you‘re wrapped in a sleeping bag. One of the most beloved, cosiest styles. Will definitely keep you warm out there – and in style!

This winter coat has a bigger cut.


Updated YKK two-way-zipper
Lining made from recycled materials
Premium light weight fabric, made from recycled materials
Updated” E100 No Down” filling made from recycled post-consumer PET
Ethically made & PETA-approved vegan


For odours you want to get rid of (i.e. cigarette smoke), just air it out thoroughly. You can even hang your jacket in your bathroom when you take a shower. The steam pulls out smells like nothing else. A very natural, resourceful way of getting rid of unwanted smells from all garments you own.

If the outer shell gets dirty, take a wet cloth and clean partially. This will do in most cases – if you ask us, probably all cases. Maybe use a tiny bit of soap, but make sure to test it first and in a spot that’s not visible easily.

Machine wash at 30°C max. Use only a gentle or delicate cycle. Make sure that all zippers are closed or otherwise their sharp edges might damage the fabric! Use spin max 800 cycles.

Tumble dry at 60°C for 40-60 minutes. If your coat is still wet after that, continue for another 5-10 minutes. The jacket should dry as fast as possible!

Get a couple of tennis balls and put them in the drier with your coat. They help keep the filling in movement. Make sure they don’t lose colour!

Take out your coat 2-4 times during the drying process, turn inside out, shake out and pat the chambers with flat hands to prevent the filling to clump together.