We are only looking for products made from materials that do not harm the environment. Materials that can be reused at the end of its life cycle, easily recycled and used to create new products. We are also looking for products and brands that use high quality materials and can be resold in the fast growing second hand market. 

Our favorite materials on clothing are Tencel, Lyocell, Cupro, Linen, Certificed Viscose, Organic Cotton, Mulesing free Wool, Recycled Polyester. 


When it comes to skincare and makeup, we're only looking for brands that use natural and mostly organic ingredients. Some small brands that bring information from the past to the present day using technology often use raw materials that have been hand-collected directly from nature. In such a case, "organic certification" is impossible to obtain.

It is important to us that the ingredients do not endanger the user or the environment by releasing toxins and microplastics into the water system.